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About Us

The Odd Kidneys Mission

Our mission is to connect people who are in need of a life-saving kidney transplant with people who are willing and able to be living donors. We provide awareness, networking, toolkits, and community support to recipients, donors, caregivers, and family and friends with all things related to the living kidney donor process.

Our Team

Dagmar Herzog

Chief Caregiver

Dagmar is a lifesaver-- not just because she's actually saved many lives throughout her career as a nurse and now a special education caregiver, but she also served as caregiver to Petra, her daughter. A truly compassionate person, Dagmar continues her work serving others-- though now she must balance her time between her career, playing with her granddog, and enjoying time with her new grandson. She loves gardening (what a green thumb!) and being an amazing wife to husband Peter (Petra's dad).

Brad Stoehr

Co-President & Co-Founder & Chief Donor

Brad has always liked helping people, but becoming a kidney donor wasn’t necessarily on the list. But that all changed when he saw an old high school friend who was in need. Since that date on January 25, 2021, Brad’s now looking to help others in the kidney transplant journey. Outside of serving Odd Kidneys, Brad is the Central Divisional Director for Horizon Investments. But his most important job is as a husband and father. Married to Leslie Stoehr since 2007, they have two kiddos, Stella Reese and Miller Patrick.
When there is any free time (ha-ha) Brad is an avid Clemson fan as a 2005 graduate and The Tiger mascot (2003-2005). He’s also a member of F3, a nationwide men’s workout group whose mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Petra Herzog

Co-Founder & Co-President & Chief Recipient

Petra’s story begins when she developed Type 1 Diabetes as a child. She has struggled with the harsh effects of this disease for decades. In 2020, right at the height of the Covid pandemic that shut the world down, she was taken to the ER and hospitalized. That’s where she found out she’d have to be on dialysis until she could get a kidney transplant. After several months of testing and waiting, her donor, Brad Stoehr, was approved despite an international pandemic! On January 25, 2021, against many odds, Petra got a new kidney! This incredible and life-saving act made her want to pay it forward. Her incredible donor and she started Odd Kidneys to help donors, recipients, and their caregivers navigate through the process of living
donation. Petra is an alum of Wofford College and University of SC. She earned her Master’s in psychology from Harvard University. Boating is one of her biggest passions and she’s happy to be able to do water activities now that she’s had a transplant. She loves animals, and definitely spoils her French Bulldog, Luna, way too much!

Kristi M. Flynn

Vice President

Kristi has been a strong and outspoken advocate for kidney disease, dialysis and transplant awareness for over 13 years. She was born with a rare genetic disorder called “renal coloboma” that affected both her vision and kidney function. Her journey really began when her kidneys failed completely at the age of 25. She was on dialysis for 10 years (she alternated between in-clinic and home peritoneal and hemodialysis). In 2018, she received a kidney transplant! Kristi now devotes her spare time to participating in studies devoted to better access, outreach and education for CKD patients. In 2020, She participated in a national kidney disease advocacy day in Washington, DC (virtually) where she spoke to members of Congress and successfully compelled them to support the “Better Kidney Care” act which allows continued immunosuppressant medication Medicare coverage for transplant patients who have exceeded the 3 year post-transplant coverage maximum. Kristi hopes to keep making an impact in the CKD community. She is thrilled to be a valuable board member of Odd Kidneys!

Leslie Stoehr

Chief Caregiver

Leslie has served so many others, that filling the role of caregiver is a natural fit. For Leslie, being a caregiver means combining four parts: one part compassion, one part advocate, one part “make it happen,” and one part enforcer. Outside of serving Odd Kidneys, Leslie is the Owner/Creator of LMStoehr Designs, a home decor and fashion brand. She is married to Odd Kidneys Co-President Brad Stoehr and they have two kiddos, Stella Rese and Miller Patrick. A graduate of the University of South Carolina and an Alumna of Delta Zeta’s Beta Delta chapter, Leslie learned leadership skills that she now applies to her business and community.

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